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Olive Oil Tasting

Olive oil has many benefits, but Greek olive oil is considered to be the ultimate superfood. We will visit an olive oil tasting workshop, learn about the different quality categories and describe the basic principles of olive oil tasting. We will learn to appreciate the positive attributes of olive oil, but also learn how to detect possible common defects in order to recognize its quality. We will discuss, experiment and suggest ways to use olive oil and the best food combinations next to an olive tree that is over 3.000 years old! Actually, there are a few olive trees that have been around for hundreds of years which suggest the existence of a historic olive grove in the area. Just one look at it and you will witness one of nature’s miracles.


  • Driver
  • Pick-up and drop-off *
  • Certified trained olive oil tester and local producer
  • Refreshments, snack, water


2 hours


  • Minimum Persons: 3
  • Maximum Persons: 5
Tip: For tasting it is recommended to fast half an hour before.
* Free pick-up and drop-off from the area of Ermionida. For longer distances there will be extra charge.